Photo credit: Steven R. King, Ph.D.

Jaguar Partners in the Rainforest

By Steve R. King, Ph.D.

Jaguar Animal Health collaborate with a wide diversity of people, organizations and communities in the rainforest regions of Peru. Here we profile one of our team members who has been working with the long term sustainable management of Croton lechleri, (Sangre de Grado) which produces the red latex from which Neonorm Calf and Neonorm Foal is manufactured.

Feliciano Sevillano Velasquez has been working on the reforestation of Sangre de Grado tree on the Napo River in the Northern Peruvian Amazon since 1997. He is an expert on the entire process of producing seedlings, reforestation, maintenance and collection of the latex from these trees that are planted in this location that is located near the Peruvian Amazonian city of Iquitos, Peru.

Feliciano has worked closely with the local community Llachapa who have been part of the reforestation, maintenance and collection of latex of for many years. He has a great deal of expertise and knowledge on how to grow and manage these trees and he has been the team leader on multiple distinct programs to plant and manage more than 130,000 Sangre de Grado trees in this area. He lives with his family a few minutes from the reforestation sites on the Napo river. He is well respected by the community members who often work with him on the planting, maintenance and harvesting phase of this work. Feliciano is extremely proud of his accomplishments and commitments to the sustainable management of these trees and to the collaboration with the people and families of Llachapa and nearby communities. We are proud and grateful to have team members like Feliciano and he continues to teach us about the most effective ways to sustainable manage the production of Sangre de Grado in this region of the Peruvian rainforest.

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Important Safety Information about MYTESI®
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